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Wayne Trawick– 2009 ALFCA Lifetime Achievement Award
     Most successful football coaches have special gifts that they utilize to their advantage.  Some coaches are outstanding defensive coaches, some great play callers. Wayne Trawick could always coach. Proof of that are his 298 victories. But his special gift was his ability to build a team of ...
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     If you look up “coach” in the dictionary, and they have a picture, its bound to look like Spence McCracken. His name just sounds like a coach.  And he certainly had the voice of a coach. Although he had a tough exterior, he has always been about what was inside. He always had a big hear ...
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Jim Chafin – 2009 ALFCA Lifetime Achievement Award
     Jim Chafin was a builder.  It seems that everywhere he went he started something new and moved it forward quickly to the head of the line. He was also one of the most recognizable names in Alabama High school football in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  His Robert E. Lee teams were the m ...
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