Future 1s Becomes the Newest ALFCA Sponsor

April 25, 2018

The Alabama Football Coaches Association is proud to announce that Future 1s has become the latest company to join as a sponsor of the association. Founders Gus Smith and Trent Massey changed the future of football practice jerseys when they partnered up in February 2016 with a revolutionary idea.

Gus Smith had coached high school football, notably as a defensive coordinator. He wanted a better way to differentiate the opposing team players each week.  It is a well known fact that some players effect the game more than others on Friday nights.  In fact some game plans are centered around stopping certain opposing players.  It’s just easy to know where those players are when they have on the correct numerical jersey.  Time is always a factor in high school football practices.  It is important to be as efficient as possible.

So when Gus Smith had the idea of the practice jersey that quickly changes numbers, he shared his vision with Trent Massey.  Two years later the vision is a reality.  Trent and Gus have created a company that can actually turn each member of your scout team into your next opponent. The future 1s jersey has been tested and used by high schools in Alabama with great success.  The number can be changed on the jersey in as little as 15 seconds.

 Contact Future 1s and get your set of Future 1s practice jerseys and talk to them about your spirit paks.  Future 1s is the future of the practice jersey in high school football.